How To Install Zen Cart E-Commerce in Your Web Hosting

Zen Cart is a PHP e-commerce shopping cart program. You can start your online store very easily. Easy to install and easy to configure Zen Cart online application. Just a few clicks then install Zen Cart your web hosting.

  1. Download Zen Cart offline installer.
  2. Upload the Zen Cart zip file on your server.
  3. Extract the Zen Cart zip file.
  4. Enter the Extract folder.
  5. Move all file public_html folder.

Step by Step Install Zen Cart

Step 1. Open a new tab in your browser. Write your domain name and press enter. Zen Cart installation window appears.

Zen Cart installation window
Zen Cart installation window

Step 2. Normal installation press CLICK HERE.

Normal install zen cart

Step 3. After clicking the system inspection window appears. Then click Continue.

Step 4. Next system setup window. Check the box license terms and don’t change any option. Then click Continue.

Step 5. It is a database setup page. Create a MySql database and change database user, password, and database name. Don’t change any other option.

database setup

Step 6. Open cPanel or Direct admin panel. Click MySql Management.

MySql Management

Step 7. Click Create New Database.

create database

Step 8. Write the database name. We use Zencart. Same as database username. Write this password very strong minimum of 12 letters. Then click the create database button. Your database created successfully.

Put userame and password

Step 9. Same input database user, name, and password in those fields. Please following the number. Then click Continue.

put database info

Step 10. Write admin superuser name, email, and retype email. You can put a valid email id. Then click Continue.

admin setup

Step 11. Zen Cart installs successfully. You must delete the zc_install directory. Showing two links. The first link is the admin dashboard link and the second link is the storefront.

install successfully

How to Auto Install Zen Cart

Step 1. Go to the direct admin panel. Then click Softaculous Auto Installer.

direct admin panel

Step 2. Click the Zen Cart install now button.

install now

Step 3. Choose the installation URL.

  1. Select the HTTP protocol. Don’t choose the HTTPS protocol.
  2. Choose your domain. Where you will install.
  3. If you do not want to install in a folder, leave the Directory option blank. If not, write the name of the directory.
  4. Don’t click quick install.
Software Setup

Step 4. This is the admin account section. You can change the admin username if you want. Put the password very strong. Write this password very strong minimum of 12 letters. Write the admin email id. You can write any type of email id. Then click the install button.

Step 5. Zen Cart installed successfully. You see two URLs. The first URL is the Zen Cart installation URL and the second URL is the Zen Cart admin dashboard URL. Then logout Softaculous Auto Installer panel.

installed successfully

Server Requirement

  • Disk Space: 10 GB or more is better
  • PHP Compatibility − PHP 7.2 or high
  • Bandwidth: 100 GB or more is better
  • MySql Databases: 5.0 or more is better

Server configuration is the most important when you are using the Zen Cart eCommerce application. Zen Cart is very lightweight but server speed is very important for loading your Zen Cart website. You will choose mostly high RAM and high processor. Shared hosting is not good for the eCommerce website.

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