SiteLock- What is Sitelock ? It is necessary on web security


What is Sitelock

SiteLock- What is Sitelock


Malware and others vulnerabilities Scanning

What is it?
Malware short for malicious software’s can be installed on your website by hackers who are able to finds weaknesses on your web server’s and website and web server. A typical website’s may have thousands of potential vulnerabilities for malware injection and insert virus.

What is the impact?
Once placed on a website’s malware can then be used to spread viruses steal personal or financial data and others data and even hijack computer. It is not easily detected and may infect your customers computer’s after they visit your website and web servers . Ultimately this negatively affects your company reputation and can result in lost business and lost information.

How does SiteLock protect me?
SiteLock malware scanning technology reviews all of the files and applications on your website and web server and compares them against industry standards  as well as our proprietary sources to detect any malware that has been inserted in your website and web server code. If we identify website and web server malware’s or a virus on your site during your daily SiteLock scans. we will notify you immediately thought emails. Your SiteLock dashboard will show a list of infected pages and help you remove it so you can maintain your secure reputation and information.



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