How to install Plugin in WordPress – Beginners Guide

The plugin is the most important tool for WordPress. You can make any functionality for WordPress, just install a specific plugin like contact form, Spann Protection, WordPress Cache Plugin, and more. It is available for the free or paid version. After installing WordPress step by step guide install plugin in WordPress.

First Method – How to Install a WordPress Plugin

We’ve created a short gif tutorial on how to install the WordPress plugin, but the step-by-step guide is explained below.

Install plugin

Step by Step Install plugin in WordPress

Step 1. Open the WordPress admin dashboard. Dashboard open URL is ( After install open your WordPress website HTTP protocol. Then quickly move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS.

WordPress dashboard

Step 2. Go to the plugin section. Click add new.

plugin section

Step 3. Search plugin for the right side search plugin box.

Search plugin

Step 4. We search the keyword Contact Form 7. This is the best WordPress contact form plugin. Then click the Install Now button. Wait a few seconds and then press the Activate button.

install plugin

The plugin installed successfully. The next step is installed plugin configuration. Click the Settings open plugin configuration page.

plugin installed successfully

Second Method – Install WordPress Plugin using the upload plugin option

  1. Go to
  2. Click plugin in the top menu.
  3. Open search bar. Write a plugin name.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Showing result. Then click the plugin name you want to install.
  6. Download this plugin. This plugin download only zip format.
download plugin

Step 4. Click the admin area upload plugin option, and then upload the plugin zip file.

upload plugin

Step 5. Click the install now button.

install plugin

Step 6. Click the activate plugin button. The plugin installed successfully.

active plugin

Third Method – Install a WordPress Plugin using FTP

There are some restrictions on uploading WordPress hosting providers from the admin area. In this case, the plugin manually installs using FTP is the best way.

First, Download this plugin zip file plugin section. Using the second method plugin zip file downloading. After downloading the plugin zip file open FTP client on your computer.

Login FTP using a username and password. If you don’t know username and password please contact your hosting provider.

After login using FTP client go to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your website. Then upload the plugin zip.

upload plugin zip

After uploading the plugin zip then download the unzipper. Unzipper helps you, unzip files using FTP client.

After unzipping the plugin zip file go to the Installed Plugin section, and then click Activate. The plugin installed successfully.

active plugin

FAQs About Installing WordPress Plugins

1. How do I uninstall a WordPress plugin

Open the WordPress dashboard. Go to Plugins >> Installed Plugins section. Click Deactivate, and then click delete. Plugin successfully uninstall your WordPress system.

uninstall plugin

2. How many plugins I can install in WordPress?

You can install many more plugin install in your WordPress but too many plugins can slow down your WordPress software. Don’t install an unnecessary plugin in your WordPress.

3. What should I look for before installing plugins?

First of all, Your WordPress version compatible with this plugin. Do not install this plugin if your WordPress version is not compatible.

Star rating is very important. The more star ratings of that plugin, the better.

Please check active Installations. If the number is in millions it is very good.

I hope this helped you learn how to install plugin in WordPress. You can see my how-to category for more beginner’s guides.

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