How To install Textpattern CMS in Your Web Server

Textpattern is a lightweight PHP CMS application. You can make a secure and reliable CMS application. Its installation is very easy. The installation process has given below.

Software Requirements

  • MySQL Version 5.3.3
  • PHP Version 7.2 or high

Step by Step Install Textpattern CMS

  1. Download the Textpattern installer.
  2. Open Cpanel or Direct admin panel.
  3. Go to the file manager. Then click public_html.
  4. Upload instlation file public_html.
  5. Extract this zip file.
  6. Enter instlation folder.
  7. Move all file public_html

Step 8. Open a new tab in your browser. Write your domain name in your browser URL section. The Textpattern CMS installation window appears but the error page shows. config.php not found.

install error

Step 9. Write the URL ““. You can run also URL /textpattern/setup/index.php including before your domain name.

Step 10. Installation is starting. Choose language. Click Submit.

start install

Step 11. After creating the MySql database fill up all fields. Write database hostname is localhost.

database info

Step 12. The database connection is successful. Click the “I did it” button.

Checking database connection

Step 12. Some errors found. Click the download button download config.php file. This configuration file needs to be uploaded to the Textpattern directory under public_html. Then click the “I did it” button.

error found

Step 13. Write your full name, email, and admin login name and password. Don’t change other options. Then click the Next button.

admin user and pass

Step 13. Installation complete. Click the login now button open the admin login panel. After installation remove textpattern directory.

Installation complete

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