36 HTML Email Templates and Newsletters

Email marketing is the most essential topic for online business, Product Marketing, and kind of business. This is the very easiest way to promote your product to people. It’s doesn’t cost too much. It is very easy to use and no need for too much knowledge.

We are collecting the best free email templates and HTML email templates presenting you.

  1. Premium wordpress theme
  2. Login Forms Templates
  3. Student Registration Form Template

Fintech Agency

Responsive Email Template

New Collection

New Collection

Online Healthcare

Online Healthcare

Survey Email

Survey Email

Final Sale

Final Sale

New Tab Release

New Tab Release

Cosmetics Brand

Product Advertisement

Product Advertisement


Fitness HTML email template


best email template


Merrysale email template

Car Rental

Car Rental HTML email template

Car Rental is a smart colorful HTML email template for car selling or automobile-related email template. This template is very lightweight and you can use any email client.

Fabulous cars

Fabulous cars HTML email template

This is a very unique design automobile-related HTML email template. This template is very lightweight. You can use any email client like Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Hubspot, Campaign Monitor, Getresponse. You can put your product detail link in this template.

Mystery flash sale

Mystery flash sale free email template

This is a free email template and you can use this template for any kink of business. Like Travel, Education, Food Service,, computer and other business. This template is built in HTML and CSS3. You can easily customize this template.

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Multi Purpose Business

HTML email template

This is a multi-purpose business solution HTML email template. This template use for any kind of business. It has a google map included. You can easily customize this template. Send this template via MailChimp, SendGrid, HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse.

Business newsletter

Business newsletter HTML email template

This is an article base HTML email template ideal for any kind of business. You can easily customize this template. Change picture, business logo, phone number, business address, social link very easy. Send this template to any email client software.

Legal Studio

Legal Studio HTML email template

Legal Studio is a smart lightweight law-related HTML email template. You can send any law-related information and offer for your client. You can put your law-related article link in this template.

Women’s Day Event

Women's Day Event HTML email template

This is the Women’s Day event template but you can use this HTML email template for any kind of event. This template change picture, social link, company logo easily.

Meeting Confirmation

HTML email Template

This is a service-related email template. You can inform your client of any type of service you offer and send service information.

Innovative Ideas

Innovative Ideas HTML email template

Do you do business? Have a good business Idea. You can send the idea to your client through this template. This template easy to change the company logo, Picture, and put the company website link and any other link.

Order Confirmation

Order Confirmation Free email template

This is order confirmation is a free email template. You should send this confirmation email when your customer has purchased your product. You can customize this template very easily.


Minimalistic free email template

Minimalistic is a free email template. You can download and customize it very easily. You can send any information about your customers to use this email template. Change your store name and any other content very easily.

Light Invoice

Light Invoice free email template

Light Invoice is a free email template for any store invoice. You can put a product picture on your invoice.

Good Luck To You

Good Luck To You free email template

Good Luck To You is a free product email template. You can place your product offer send your customer through this template.

Earth Day

Earth Day free email template

Earth Day is a fashion template. This HTML email template very easy to customize.

Weekly Magazine

Weekly Magazine free email template

Father’s Day

Father's Day free email template

Online Education

Online Education free email  template

Online Education is an education-related HTML email template. You can send any education-related offers and information use this template.


HTML email template

You can use this template for school-related information and education-related product.


Freebie free email template

Any e-book related information you want to send? Use this HTML email template. This template most colorful and very easy to way customizes or mobile-friendly.

The Coffee Corner Deal

The Coffee Corner Deal free email template

You are starting a restaurant? Do you want to promote your restaurant? This template will help you. You can send any offers through this template.


Multimail Email Template builder

Multimail is the most advanced email template builder. It has 17 unique templates and 217 unique modules. It works with major email clients like iContact, Benchmark Email, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, or Constant Contact.


  • Unlimited Drag & Drop modular
  • Duplicate & Delete modules
  • Create unlimited variations
  • Save your created template to Dashboard and edit it later
  • Unlimited Pick Color
  • Send the template directly to your MailChimp account via MailChimp API
  • Replace, Delete, Insert image URL
  • Background image work in Outlook
  • Browser Compatible
  • Include PSD, and Unicode Character entities



Koble is a multi proposed email builder. It has 28 ready to use HTML newsletter template and 217 unique modules are included.


  • Eight Notification Layout
  • 15 Unique main templates design
  • Invoice template for your business
  • Conversion Centered Design


Webwall email template builder

Webwall advances multipurpose responsive newsletter template builder. It has 99 unique HTML email templates and 650 unique modules, 20 notification are included. Web wall Newsletter Template builds for Marketing, Corporate, Blog, Business, Office, and Agencies.


  • Stamp Ready Drag-Drop
  • Maximum of Four columns
  • All browser compatible
  • Major email clients support
  • HTML Compatible File


Blaumail newsletter template builder

Blaumail is a smart modern newsletter template builder. It has 42 examples or 170 modules.

Fresh Newsletter

Fresh Newsletter

Fresh Newsletter is an advanced responsive HTML newsletter template. It has ten layouts, eight colors, and two background versions.


  • Placeholders PSD file
  • 160 Hybrid HTML email templates included
  • Retina ready

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