How to Create MySQL Databases using Direct Admin Panel

This article describes step by step creates a MySQL database using a direct admin panel. This article can be used by Cpanel users. Cpanel and Directadmin Panel options are just the same.

Create MySQL Databases and Users

Step 1. Open your Directadmin Panel using username and password. Go to the Account Manager section. Then click MySql Management.

open Directadmin Panel

Step 2. Click Create New Database.

create database

Step 3. First, write the database name and username. You can write a different database name and username if you want. Please remove the green tick Same as database name. Then click the database password icon and create a database password. Click Create Database button.

create database user

Step 4. Database created. Showing database name, username, and password. When you created a MySql database using Cpanel give the user and database privileges but you don’t have to do anything like that here.

database created

Delete MySQL Database

  1. Open MySql Management. Viewing your database
  2. Select your database.
  3. When you select your database popup appears.
  4. Click Delete.
  5. Again delete window appear.
  6. Click Delete.
delete database

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